The Heart Does Not Close

The heart does not close. It never can, but it can get blocked. Energy flows through the heart center and you can even feel when it becomes blocked. Life experience can block this energy center if we cling on to positive memories or push away negative ones. Clinging or pushing adds energy to something, causing it to leave a residue in the heart center, and thus causing the heart to become more and more blocked. I think of the heart energy center as a drain. When you pour something down the drain it may pass through, but if it is an oily or sticky substance it may leave some residue. Imagine over time as more and more sticky situations come up, the heart center becomes blocked. When the heart is blocked you are not open to new experiences. You protect yourself at all costs, and you are never truly enjoying life. You are not even here in this moment. You are in a stagnant state simply surviving day by day, never experiencing the joy that you are and the joy that is always there for you to feel and experience.

There is a way to unblock your heart center. Practices like yoga and Reiki purify your chakras, the energy channels in the body, including your heart center, which is also known as the heart chakra, or Anahata. In Reiki, the spiritually guided energy breaks through the barriers and sludge that accumulated over time in the heart center. As it opens, you begin to feel lighter and free. Yoga poses also get the energy flowing. Each position helps open up the chakras more and more. Ashtanga yoga and Kriya Yoga are both purifying practices. Breath work or Pranayama also help move the energy through the energy channels in the body. As these practices remove the blocks of energy, you may not know how the heart even became blocked, but that is okay. Simply enjoy this moment and know that you are free. You do not need to dredge up the past to figure out what caused it, as this would just cause the heart to become blocked again.

Meditation will help prevent and release blockages of energy in the heart center. It is a practice that will bring awareness to where you are placing your energy. As you sit to meditate, become aware of the thoughts that come up and simply observe. Do not interact with the thoughts. When you interact with the thoughts you are bringing more energy to them, thus causing the heart to become blocked, and taking from the consciousness experiencing the present moment. As the thoughts come up say to yourself, “not now”, and watch the thoughts pass by. This is the practice. As you practice this in meditation, eventually you will do this in everyday life. You will feel a thought coming to the surface, and instead of clinging, pushing or interacting with the thought, you simply let it pass by. This is the process of letting go. Be aware in full consciousness as these thoughts pass by, and they will move along. Your heart will become unclogged and you will be free to enjoy all that this life has to offer.

Make the choice to let go and be free in this moment. As you make this decision all the tools that you need will come to you, and you will know one day that you are free when you can simply be in every moment without any judgement. You simply experience everything with joy in your heart. You venture into new experiences with enthusiasm, knowing that only good will come to you.

All is well. All is Love. Peace!