Why I Practice Yoga

I end every practice silently saying, “Thank you for this body. Thank you for this life. Thank you for this practice.”

Loving and Appreciating My Body

We often do not notice our body until there is a problem. The asana practice is a way to connect and honor our body for all that it does for us. If you have taken biology, then you learned all the internal processes of the cells. Cellular respiration that gives us the energy to do anything, just happens without us intervening. It truly is amazing what our bodies do for us every day and every moment, even when we’re sleeping.

Body Awareness

The practice gives us an awareness of our bodies. The body is always talking to us and telling us what we need to work on emotionally, as well as physically. Now we know that the fascial tissue in the body holds on to injuries and emotions. The practice works out the tissue that builds up around an injury or place where we are gripping, perhaps out of fear.

Healing the Body

When I do find myself with an injury or soreness, the practice works it out. It also allows me to focus on what is working in my body and how strong I really am. I then take my mind away from the injury or soreness and take my power back with gratitude for all that my body does for me.

Connecting with the Power Within Each of Us

Speaking of taking my power back, the practice empowers me. It helps me release blame and move on knowing that I have the power to change things in my life. I have a strength within that can get me through anything. It takes me to a place where I know no matter what happens everything will be okay. The asana practice is a practice of gratitude and honor for the body that holds a power within that is stronger than we can ever imagine.

I practice Ashtanga yoga. I am truly grateful for this practice. Find the yoga practice that works best for you and make the commitment to yourself to get on your mat. It will improve your entire life.