Hessler Street Fair 2016 Poetry Anthology Reading — I am enough

I am enough.

I’m not any of my past experiences.
I’m not any of the outside world.
The doctor can say I have this or that, 
But that’s not me.
I am enough.

Cut my hair.
Shave my legs.
Strip me of my clothes.
I am enough.

Say goodbye.
Leave me here.
I am enough.

I love you forever.
Now, you can go.
I am enough.

Wash away my makeup.
Take away my career.
I am enough.

No car,
No bike,
Only feet to stand on,
I am enough.

From cradle to grave,
I am enough.

Take away my beauty,
The sway in my hips.
I am enough.

Take away my yoga butt,
My breasts,
The arch in my back.
I am enough.

Take away my long legs,
My elegant arms.
I am enough.

My friends,
My family,
They can choose to go.
But I am still enough.

Acne here,
Acne there,
I am enough.

No tools,
No instruments.
I am enough.

In the light,
In the darkness,
I am enough.

No religion to call my own,
I am enough.

No home,
No shelter,
I am enough.

No baby,
No children of my own,
I am enough.

No books,
No words to describe me,
I am enough.

No money in my pocket,
Debt on my back,
I still am enough.

From nothing to something,
I am enough.

The sun rises.
The moon glows.
I am enough.

Hold me tight and never let go.
I am enough.

Look in the mirror
As the image fades in the fog.
I am enough.

I am.

I read the poem I wrote titled "I am enough", which was printed in the 2016 Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology at the Barking Spider Tavern in Cleveland, OH. Copies of the anthology can be purchased from Mac's Backs Books in Cleveland Heights, OH. Special thanks to Crisis Chronicles Press for making the anthology possible.